SEO Consultant

Grow your business by building backlinks

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO and it determine your website ranking. Now you understand why it is important not to have spam backlinks to your website?

If you need someone who can help you build the right type of backlinks to your website, you are in luck because you found me. The right type of backlinks will improve your website organic ranking and also increase referral traffic.

If you are tired of switching agencies or cheap SEO packages that does not work, look no further!

Why am I different?

  • My link building methods are white hat. These links will not hurt your website.
  • My service is customized to your business needs.
  • You can deal with me directly at any point of the project and I will reply faster then going through different project managers or department.
  • I put 100% effort looking through your website, just to make sure you succeed.
  • My method is straight forward and simple. Creating a list of interested prospect and offer them the content.

No content?

I can get one of my contract writer to write for you.

What you get?

This outreach service is billed monthly and you can stop anytime should you feel that I am not working hard for you. As I have layout the process, this will be done on my terms and I am unable to change base on other SEO research you have done online elsewhere. If you stays with me, you will definitely get the results you paid for because this the THE way for SEO.

I know my works well and keep myself updated with SEO knowledge. You can see how I work here and I promise you that over a period of time, your website will have a positive effect.

Hire me and let me handle the SEO link building while you carry on with your business. If you need an update of the project, simply click on the project management link and you can see the progress.

Kindly take note I work alone and I can only handle a handful of clients to work with due to the limited time. This is to provide quality work for my clients.

Who is this service catered for?

  • You are a small to medium sized businesses who need more traffic
  • You have enough content and need to get your brand/service out there
  • You can afford a content/link building strategy

So how much this world best link building service cost?

Ok, lets face the fact. You pay peanuts, you get peanuts!

You are running a business and will not want to ruin it. That is why I am here to help you. I will customized the pricing according to the business needs. You will not get a quote from me less than $1000. Once goods results are shown, most client will want more work done and increase their spending.

As SEO is a long term process, I will plan a strategy for 3 months as a start for new clients. This is not tied down by contract and if dont like, you can cancel anytime. No hard feelings.

There are limited time

Since I work alone and does not have any workers, there is a limited time that I can work. I do have a family and I need to spend time with them too 🙂 , so I cannot work with everyone.

I left a few spots left. So if you’d wish to work with me or have any other enquires, kindly contact me.

If you want to peep at EXACTLY how I work, please look at this page.

If you want to work with me, check it out here.

– Gerrard Lee