[Link Building Case Study] How I Increased Search Traffic By Building White Hat Backlinks

Before I start, here is a brief summary on how I get the client. I have been doing cold outreach most of the time and he is recommended by one of my prospects. The prospect does not have the budget to engage my services at that time but he pretty much likes my link building process which is totally transparent. That is why he recommends it to his buddy. You can see my link building process here or schedule a call with me here.

Let’s cut the story short 🙂

The client understand why link building is important as it helps him to get more referral traffic and also rank higher in the search engine. His main objective is to grow his organic traffic in the long term. 

We agree to start slow and increase the number of links after each month. The plan is to start from 20 and slowly increase it to 50/60 per month. He has also requested to start with resources page links as he does not wish to create any more content for his sites at the moment.

Once we have sorted the admin and also payment, the real work begins!

Payment from client

Setting up client tracker

There is nothing special as I follow the same steps as per my link process process here.

The first step is to create an email account. I have created a domain similar to his and uses GSuit. The account and password are recorded into the tracker so my client is able to check everything.

Email info

As he specifically states he wants only resources links, I would analyze and pick a few good content. Next, I listed out all the content available on his site and also all the available keywords for that piece of content. 

Available content from clients

Using Ahref, I would analyze to see which piece of content get the most links/traffic. I found one piece of content that is about online kids safety. This is a great content to me as it is educational and also helps promoting kids safety online. For this case study, I would be using this piece of content.

The next step is to start finding suitable resources page that might be interested in our content and hopefully give us a link back. For this, I used google search operator to gather the list of link prospects. Here is a detailed case study on how I do it.

Resources search operator

Once I have 200 links prospects, I started finding their contact details. I would look at the site itself to see if there are any contact details. If not, I would use hunter.io to find their contact details. If I am unable to get their email address, I would get their contact form. With permission from my client, I am able to contact prospect using the contact forms. Some clients prefer only using email so it is good to ask for their preference.

List of prospects

After getting all their contacts, I would use neverbounce to verified all the email address. This is to increase my sending delivery.

The final step is to show the prospects on what we have and see if they are interested in linking back to us. I started to send about 10 prospects a day and follow up at least 3 times with them. Here is some of the replies we got. Not all would reply but we feel great when the prospects tell us our content is great.

I would also update the status on the client tracker so he is able to check. Here are the results:

All the links we get from the link building campaign

In conclusion, the campaign was a successful one and client wanted more links to keep growing their traffic. Most of the links came during the follow up so it is important to follow up at least 3 times.

Results are as follows:

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