How we work

How my link building company works – EXACTLY what I do for all my clients

With the system, I am able to keep checks on myself that I am on the right track to deliver the service that outperform some of the agency’s work. In order to have transparency and more understanding, I have decided to list out what I exactly do for my clients.

I am only a small agency so I can only take up limited clients. If you wish to take up this advantage, read this page and contact me to see if my system works for you.

Step 1) Gmail Account :

I will create a gmail account that uses the persona of the business owner. This email will be used to contact all the targets that I find.

The benefit is that those targets will think I am the business owner and the chances of getting a link from them is higher.

Step 2) Google Analytics / Google Search Console :

I will need you to give me access to these both account. This will allow me to analyze data like your content, visitors behavior, keywords etc

With the datas, I could plan the strategy for your link building.

Step 3) Check anchor text ratio :

I will use Moz Pro tools to analyse your backlinks and the anchor text ratio

The website would look very unnatural if all the links that are coming in are using anchors that you want to link for. For such case, I will built some “easy” links to dilute them with natural looking anchors such as “here” or your company name.

Step 4) Audit your content and on site : 

This is the most crucial step as we need the right content for outreach. For example if you have a good content, those targets would likely be happy to publish on their website too.

I would access the current content base on social share, and if it is suitable for your project. If there is no suitable content, do not worry as I can get my contract writer to write for you (additional expense).

Step 5) Analyse your incoming links : 

I will analyse all incoming links to make sure that the domain is clean and free from spam links. I will also check your metrics, TF (trust flow), CF (citation flow), DA (domain authority), PA (page authority).

Step 6) Gather up the information : 

I will make a list of all the information that I have gather from the steps above in a spreadsheet. This will keep track of what work has been done. You will be given access to this document, so you can access anytime to view the progress.

Step 7) Generate large lists of search terms : 

Using the keywords from above steps, I would generate lots of targets from Google search engine. This will allow me to find the type of targets I need for your website.


If you’re building links in the “football” niche, you could use  search term like “football inurl:resources”

This will return a list of results about football where “resources” is in the URL. Chances are, most of these will be resources about football and will be suitable targets for your website.

Step 8) Select types of links : 

Base on the content you have and the targets I find, I will select a few types of links that is suitable for your website.

Step 9) Prepare a plan going forward : 

At this steps, everything is in place and I am ready to run the campaign. I will create a tab in the spreadsheet to show the task for the next few months. It will be in detail showing what are the task, when it should be completed and the status of each task. This will constantly keep you update of the progress.

Step 10) Finding targets and point of contact : 

So now I will have the following:

  • The keywords to target
  • The content I can use to get links
  • The types of links to aim for
  • The search engine operators to create a target list

This step is called  “prospecting” and is an ongoing process. The targets and status of this section of the spreadsheet will change from day to day.

I will try my best to get the personal contact of the owner just to make sure you get the best result from my services.

Step 11) Send personal emails to each target : 

For each target that I have, I will send a personal email, using their name if possible and the most appropriate type of email based on the type of link I will be asking for.

Step 12) Follow up :

Some targets might get lots of email and may miss my email. This is why I always follow up at least 3 times. I am also tracking the email so I can tailor the follow up email accordingly.

Step 13) Getting links back :

This is the end result that both of us need. Cheers !


Here’s the 2 main objective we want from these links

  • Referral traffic

With referral traffic, the people that comes to your website are targeted and likely they are interested in your product/service. If your website is able to convert the traffic, you will already make some sales.

  • Organic traffic

The benefits are that the search engines can see all these relevant, quality websites linking to your website and it will reward your website with higher organic rankings which results in traffic for you. Such traffic is also targeted and interested in your product/service.

Keeping track of everything

  • A Live Spreadsheet – I will set up the spreadsheet with details and information as indicated in the steps above.
  • Monthly report – I will give you a short informal report at the end of the month, showing improvements in traffic and any other recommendations.

So how much do I charge?

This depends on what you need. My minimum fee is $3500 per month and most of you will want to start at this range and generally raise to $4000+ after getting positive results.

I will reach out to 200 prospects and guarantee a minimum of 10 links.

That is pretty much what I do and it should be pretty clear at this point what my service can help in your business.

If you have any other questions, contact me and we will have a chat.

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