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Digital Marketing Services

Getting you more traffic, leads and sales

Using link building, the most important process in the SEO, we help clients to acquire quality links.
This enable them to grow their traffic over a period of time that leads to more leads and sales.
Like to know how we help them? Check out our link building process here.
For Ads / Funnels, hop on a call with us to discuss your projects.

Facing one of these problems?

  • You pay for advertising but nothing has improved?
  • You have a website but it is not getting enough traffic?
  • Your marketing agency is wasting your time and money?
  • You know the importance of SEO but do not have time to maintain it?
  • You want to grow your business online but not sure where to start?
  • You want more people (traffic) to visit our website?
  • Your business is stuck and need a new way to grow?

Let me help you solve those problems!

I will help you increase the number of ultra-targeted prospects visiting your website on a monthly basis. With the targeted prospects, your sales is likely to increase. My services are straight forward, transparent and brings in result.
If you are paying for marketing, you should be paying for results and not the nice reports and graphs etc.
If you are interested to work with me, check out our services below.

Our Servcies

SEO Link Building

A outreach process to help your website rank higher in search engine and also get referral traffic.

Links Package

Get links without the hassle. Links that help your website rank well.

Cold Email Outreach

Looking to generate leads? Let us help you. Done for you cold email outreach services.


I will research on the websites that is appealing to your desired audience. After that I will reach out to those websites to link to your website. In this way, those visitors that comes through the link would likely be interested in your products/services/information.

I will be doing outreach via email. In certain case, I will get on the phone to get the link if needed. As I am specialized in my work, I know the type of people to contact.

No. Whatever work done will not harm your website.

There will be always updates that might impact competition. I have been reading up and brushing my skills and knowledge to keep updated. So no worries 🙂

The minimum time is 20 hours(link building) a month that is required for you to see any noticeable results from my work.

The strategy is time consuming and long term. You would not wish to get a thousand of spam backlinks and get penalized by Google. This is Blackhat techniques and it is totally not worth it.

You get what you pay.

I have my own systems and use Moz , Ahref etc. To maintain quality, most of the work is done manually.

You can expect improvement from the current ranking and the increase in traffic.


My name is Gerrard Lee and run a small agency helping business owners to get more visitors and close more sales.
My agency focus on SEO link building and Cold Email Outreach.
If you need help getting more visitors to your business website, feel free to reach out!